Welcome to a new way to get your film/television/media project funded.

IADOWR Entertainment Fund Platform

For projects that have 25% to 50% equity towards the full budget, we can potentially put up the entire budget for your slate or single project.

IADOWR Equity Insurance Platform

For producers/investors that are looking for their project's equity investment to be insured for having their investment returned, we can put the project through this platform and insure the equity against loss.

IADOWR Investor/Project Matching Platform

For projects that need all the funds to be fully greenlighted, once we put the project through our platform and it gets approved we can take your project to our potential equity investors.

IADOWR Films Details

From the start of a project to it's completion:

  • Products/Services
  • Project Vetting through our team and our AI
  • Production Services
  • Equity Insurance
  • Project Financing
  • P&A and Distribution

No matter what phase of production or distribution you are in, IADOWR Films might have the resources for you.

Submit your next Film/Television/Music/Media project to see if you can get approved to get on our of our platforms.